Dr. Marium Murad

murad-mariam-1985669Title: Founder, Medical Doctor, Nutritionist, Yoga Teacher

Company: Movement is Blessed LLC

Location: Houston, TX United States


HOUSTON, TX, February 15, 2017, Dr. Marium Murad, Founder, Medical Doctor, Nutritionist and Yoga Teacher of Movement is Blessed LLC, has been recognized by Elite American Physicians, for dedication, achievement and leadership in circulatory medicine.

After receiving her medical degree and studying abroad, Dr. Murad observed many different cultures. She then found that her mother was having serious health issues related to her circulation. Unfortunately, seniors are often unable to follow an exercise program, so an alternative solution was required. Dr. Murad developed a technique that achieved great results. The program incorporates full-body circulation and begins with movement in the toes and fingers. It can even be done with a patient who is lying down. This program is based on sound scientific principles related to the heart and circulation and aims to de-stress the heart by using a series of specific finger and toe exercises.

After Dr. Murad’s mother’s successful recovery, a friend’s mother, who was suffering from heart-related problems tried her Program and the results were impressive. The program is particularly beneficial for seniors who are prone to heart-related illnesses and executives who sit for long office hours. It can also help get seniors off of their medications.  To learn more about this revolutionary program, please visit http://movementisblessed.com.

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