Michael F. Doyle, MD

Title: 1) Associate 2) Associate

Company: 1) Modern Path Inc. 2) Mercy Medical Center

Location: Canton, OH

Canton, OH, April 4, 2016, Michael Doyle, Associate at Modern Path Inc. and Mercy Medical Center, has been recognized by Elite American Physicians, for dedication, achievement and leadership in hematology and general pathology.

Dr. Doyle’s positions allot him the responsibilities of overseeing quality assurance, interpreting transfusion reactions and conducting test analyses. On a regular basis he also consults with physicians regarding results and advises on fine need aspiration and blood banking. He has practiced in medicine for more than 30 years.

Watching the complex nature of patients is what inspired Dr. Doyle to get involved in his profession. He was intrigued throughout his residency on patients who continued to smoke while diagnosed with emphysema, and patients who continued to drink with bleeding ulcers. To stay current with his field, he maintains membership with the Cleveland Pathology Society, the Ohio Society of Pathologists, the College of American Pathology and the American Society for Clinical Pathology.

Dr. Doyle earned an MD from the University College of Dublin. He continued his postgraduate education at Middlesex General Hospital, Pennsylvania Hospital, M.D. Anderson Hospital and Episcopal Hospital. He supports the United Way Worldwide foundation. In the years to come, Dr. Doyle intends to continue practicing independently until he can delegate someone to succeed him. He endeavors to continue mentoring others.

Contact Michael Doyle

Doyle, Michael 1241953

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