Neil R. Sharma, MD

Title: Physician

Company: Parkview Regional Medical Center

Location: Fort Wayne, Indiana

Fort Wayne, IN, October 26, 2015, Neil Sharma, Physician with Parkview Regional Medical Center, has been recognized by Elite American Physicians, for dedication, achievement and leadership in interventional endoscopies and endoscopic oncology.

With many years of practiced industry experience, Dr. Sharma is uniquely qualified to oversee a wide range of tasks on behalf of Parkview Regional Medical Center, which provides gastroenterology services. During the course of his daily routine, he utilizes his varying expertise in oncology, gastroenterology, and endoscopies, in order to treat patients using state-of-the-art equipment. He serves as the medical director for gastrointestinal oncology, as well as the director for advanced interventional endoscopy and endoscopic oncology.

A member of the American Society of Gastroenterology and the American College of Physicians, Dr. Sharma shines in his field because of his prior industry experiences and his educational background, which includes an MD from the Medical College of Virginia and a residency through the University of South Florida. One of the greatest moments of his career was completing an endoscopic oversew of a gastric ulcer at Parkview without complication. This procedure involves accessing the stomach through a specialized two-channel endoscope equipped with a suturing device. Once inside the stomach, healthy tissue is sewn over the ulcer, which allows the wound to heal without irritation. Parkview Regional recently became the first hospital site in Indiana where a physician completed the procedure. Looking forward, Dr. Sharma would like to continue to advance in the field, as well as disrupt the progression of cancer for patients in the most minimally invasive and cost-effective way.

Contact Dr. Neil R. Sharma

Sharma, Neil 1903876

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