Martin L. Gelman, MD

Gelman, Martin 1990606Title: Medical Doctor, Internist, Nephrologist

Company: Greater Boston Medical Associates

Location: Milford, Massachusetts

Milford, Massachusetts, October 27, 2015, Martin L. Gelman, MD of Greater Boston Medical Associates, has been recognized by Elite American Physicians, for dedication, achievement and leadership in nephrology.

Dr. Gelman brings 40 years of professional experience to his role as a medical doctor and nephrologist of Greater Boston Medical Associates. Throughout his career, he has become proficient in dialysis, hypertension and kidney disease. Each day, he practices internal medicine, treating such ailments as hypertension, high blood pressure, kidney stones and kidney failure, which can now be managed using dialysis.

Dr. Gelman became involved in his profession because he had loved science since his days in high school. He wanted do something meaningful with his life. He thought about pursuing psychiatry for some time, but after completing his rotations, Dr. Gelman realized his love for internal medicine. The idea of replacing a failing organ-the kidney-was something that fascinated him.

Dr. Gelman completed a fellowship at Harvard Medical School in 1975 and a fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital in 1975. He completed his residency at the University of Southern California Medical Center in 1970. In years to come, Dr. Gelman intends to cut down his clinical work and continue his study with a larger drug company on the change of kidney disease and protein leaks with medications.

Contact Dr. Martin L. Gelman

Gelman, Martin 1990606.


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