William D. Hardin, Jr., MD, FACS, FAAP

Title: 1) Pediatric Surgeon 2) Visiting Professor of Surgery 3) Associate Chief Medical Officer

Company: 1) LVPG Vascular Surgery-Allentown 2) University of Colorado School of Medicine 3) Children’s Colorado at Memorial Hospital and Southern Colorado

Location: Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Springs, CO, August 7, 2015, William D. Hardin, Jr., Pediatric Surgeon of LVPG Vascular Surgery-Allentown, Visiting Professor of Surgery at University of Colorado School of Medicine and Associate Chief Medical Officer of Children’s Colorado at Memorial Hospital and Southern Colorado, has been recognized by Elite American Physicians, for dedication, achievement and leadership in pediatric surgery.

Dr. Hardin has 29 years of overall professional experience, which he lends to his three roles. Each day, he is responsible for overseeing pediatric surgical care within the health system, as well as coordinating subspecialties, monitoring quality assurance and quality improvement programs, and coordinating the surgical department and the health network leadership team in Colorado Springs.

Dr. Hardin most recently served as the vice chair for pediatric surgical service lines at Lehigh Valley Hospital and Health Network in Allentown, PA. Dr. Hardin is a former chairman at Southern Region Burn Centers of the American Burn Association. He appreciates the confidence of his patients’ parents and is proud to play an instrumental role in the medical treatment and recovery of young children. Dr. Hardin has authored or co-authored seven book chapters and more than 50 publications focused in the areas of pediatric trauma, burns, minimally invasive surgery and ethics.

Looking back, Dr. Hardin attributes his success to hard work, as well as his educational background, and the support he receives from family and friends. He became involved in his profession because he maintained an interest in the technical aspects of medicine. The most gratifying aspect of his career is having the opportunity and the privilege to care for young children. In five years, he intends to grow within the medical field, and become a full-time professor with the department of surgery at the University of Colorado.

Contact Dr. William D. Hardin, Jr.

William D. Hardin

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