Roya Vakili, MD

Roya Vakili, MDTitle: Neurologist

Location: Grand Rapids, MI, United States

Dr. Roya Vakili is a Neurologist at the Cleveland Clinic at the Center for Regional Neurosciences, as of June 2013. Specializing in the treatment of epilepsy and headaches allows Dr. Vakili to provide her patients with expert analysis, therapy, guidance and quality neurological care when they need it most. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in her field, Dr. Vakili currently cares for neurologic patients at the hospital. She has garnered a reputation of distinction among her patients and professional peers over the course of her career, including reception into the Dean’s List. She is also a recipient of a Research Scholarship as granted by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and a listee on the honorable “Leading Physicians of the World” register. She holds an MD from Yale University, and she completed a residency at Michigan State in 2007, as well as a fellowship at the University of Michigan in 2008. Dr. Vakili also works as a clinical assistant professor at Michigan State.

Dr. Roya Vakili was originally selected for inclusion in Elite American Physicians in August, 2012.  We are proud to be featuring Dr. Vakili again in Elite American Physicians for 2013/2014.

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Roya Vakili, MD

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