Isamu Kang

Isamu KangTitle: Physician (Retired)

Company: Kaiser Permanente Medical Center

Location: Walnut Creek, CA

“Nuclear medicine is the smallest medical specialty, because of the nature of radioactivity.” These are the words that were recently spoken in an interview with Dr. Isamu Y. Kang, a retired physician whose background encompasses this concentrated medical sphere. Dr Kang has risen to prominence over the past 47 years by dedicating himself to learning and growing as a medical professional.

Currently consulting, Dr. Kang has been able to acquire skills and talents all over the world, and he remains passionate about the health care industry, which he feels to be dynamic and interesting. His innovative and pioneering approaches to nuclear medicine have yielded amazing results; Dr. Kang restored the health of a thyroid cancer patient with metastatic disease to the spine. He gave her 250 units of radioactive iodine, which was the largest amount he had ever used to treat a patient, and a week later, she stood up and was able to walk again.

Dr. Kang grew up in Japan. He was a nuclear physician and served in the Army Medical Corps. He travels to San Francisco once a month for the benefit of senior residents to hold round table presentations and discussions, which he translates into Japanese. A wealth of knowledge and experience gives Dr. Kang the tools he needs to expertly decipher what is to come in the future of nuclear medicine. He feels that technological advancements will be made in nuclear medicine, which will be used in almost everything. These developments will also lead to the effective treatment of cancer, and may even be the cure.

Ever passionate about his work, Dr. Kang remains abreast of these advancements, and trends and developments that are made in nuclear medicine as a diplomat of The American Board of Pathology, and The American Board of Nuclear Medicine.

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Isamu Kang

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