Grace Carag

Grace CaragTitle: Lead Medical Physician (Retired)

Company: Chicago Read Mental Health Center

Location: Lincolnwood, IL, United States

Dr. Grace R. Carag is a retired lead medical physician, formerly of the Chicago Read Mental Health Center, a leading psychiatric state hospital. Specializing in adult medicine, Dr. Carag collaborated with and mentored physicians, diagnosed and treated patients appropriately, and provided exemplary care prior to her retirement. Dr. Carag had been with the Chicago Read Mental Health Center for 23 years before retiring. Inspired by the influence of family members who also served as physicians, Dr. Carag pursued a career path that enabled her to provide top of the line physician support and patient care. Currently, Dr. Carag works overtime to enhance medical services, and she has garnered a reputation of distinction for her disposition as an individual who is totally committed to her patients, ability to make the most of her years of experience, and the remarkable rapport that she maintains with her patients. She attributes her success to the inspiration of her father, who taught her to evince ethical values and standards at all times, and to treat others with respect. Dr. Carag looks forward to participating in missionary work as a medical physician and mentor on an international level in the future.

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Grace Carag

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