Michael Rock

Michael RockTitle: Chairman of Anesthesia and Pain Management

Company: Lakeshore Anesthesia

Location: Chicago, IL

Dr. Michael H. Rock is the Chairman of Anesthesia and Pain Management for Lakeshore Anesthesia, a leading Chicago-based multi-specialty clinic offering anesthesia services, which include interventional and pain management solutions. Dr. Rock, an expert on anesthesia services, complex pain syndromes and neuromodulation, functions as a chairman of anesthesia and pain management, and holds membership in hospital committees. He is Board Certified in Anesthesia and Pain Management, and he attained an MD from the University of the Witwatersrand. Dr. Rock, a renowned anesthesiologist who has maintained a long-standing passion for his practice, was prompted to pursue his current career path by a genuine by the goals he set as a youth to become a physician. He discovered anesthesia by default, and pain management was a natural extension for him; he loves the dexterity of interventional procedures, and the cerebral aspects of diagnosing and treating difficult pain conditions. Dr. Rock is also involved with a clinical pain center in a local hospital. He is passionate about his work and he looks to expand his practice and the hospitals with which he maintains affiliation. His patients are his primary concern and he takes his work quite seriously and enjoys speaking about his endeavors.

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Michael Rock

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