Clarence Henke

Clarence HenkeTitle: President

Company: Clarence E. Henke, MD, PC

Location: Morrison, CO

Morrison, Colorado, December 10, 2010, Clarence Henke, MD, has been recognized by Elite American Physicians for dedication, achievements, and leadership in emergency medicine and radiology.

A recognized American medical specialist, Dr. Henke has spent the last 45 years demonstrating his intelligence and compassion for helping others overcome their health ailments. By specializing in radiology and emergency care, he has been able to establish a successful practice in Morrison, Colorado. Having worked at the Mayo Clinic for seven years, Dr. Henke retained the patience necessary to conduct himself admirably and with tenacity. Ever grateful to be a part of an embracing community, he often treats members of his neighborhood free of charge.

Dr. Henke keeps abreast of his industry and provides the highest quality of care to his patients by supplementing an MD with ongoing training. Throughout his career, he has taken interest in new facets of health care and refined skills in various areas. Likewise, he has developed a unique expertise in nuclear medicine and radiation. By completing intensive training programs and gathering hands-on field experience, Dr. Henke received the rare distinction of nuclear physician, held by only two other physicians in the state of Colorado. In 1988, he was trusted by the Ukranian government to set up a children’s clinic following a nuclear accident in Chernobyl – a feat for which he is very proud. The specificity of his competencies across the board has showcased Dr. Henke’s relentless work ehtic and thrust him to the forefront of the health care industry.

In September 2010, Dr. Henke was appointed by the governor of Colorado as a Medical Advisor to the Fireman and Police Pension Program. His professional affiliations include the Society of Nuclear Medicine, the American Medical Association, the American Board of Preventive Medicine, Inc., the American Board of Internal Medicine, the American Board of Radiology, and the American Board of Nuclear Medicine.

When he is away from his professional duties, Dr. Henke finds solace in collecting minerals. In the future, he intends to enhance his professional repertoire by offering consulting services.

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Clarence Henke

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